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    When it comes to Ideas, We have them. If you’re struggling on a Design for your Website or not quite sure how to grow your Online reach, Or even wanting to give your business a more professional touch? We can help you. From Professional Web Designs to 13/1300 numbers and personalised SMS systems we’re a true Business Specialist. Chat with us and we’ll give you the best advice.

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    Here at P.T Networx Australia, We Specialize in a wide range of IT related Services, A true Business Specialist From Technical Support to Web Designs and Web Hosting, We can even advise you how to make the best of your unique business online, We’ve got the knowhow and we sure have the quality and best of all We have it all for The best price! Call or Email us for a friendly chat

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    Support is a great advantage of being a P.T Networx Australia Client. We can help with anything you need, Simply send us an email, Talk to a Live agent or Post on our Forum! When you’re a VIP client, You’ll have access to direct lines to staff who you can call at anytime of the day or night! Something broken on your website at 3am? We’ve got you covered!

What Our Clients Think About Us

  • I Contacted Petru from P.T Networx Australia about a website design for my new real estate business. They supplied me with a fixed quote and a set timeframe which I was very pleased with. P.T Networx Designed my website and presented it to me within the timeframe I was given. I highly recommend P.T networx for any Web Designing job.

    Jakub KDirector - Prodome Property
  • P.T Networx Australia have really helped me so much, If it wasn’t for them I don’t think my business would be where it is today. I had no idea about websites, All i know was that I needed one. I found P.T networx on google and contacted them after seeing their try before you buy policy. And it was amazing! they designed my website and put it on the internet before I had paid anything. not only that but they took care of all the designing and made it look really nice. It was better than what i could’ve imagined. So glad I found them!

    Samuel NOwner - You Fitness

Amy’s Story

About Us

Why We’re a Great Small Business Service


Sometimes starting or growing a small business can be hard, which is why we offer our Small Business Services to our fellow Australian Businesses.

We specialise in a wide but useful range of small business services such as


These services are very useful when you’re not sure how to do them yourself or have trouble keeping up with working on your online presence. Here’s a rough rundown in detail about the services we provide above.

Professional Web Designs

We offer Business Web Site Designs In a wide range of platforms Including WordPress, Woo commerce and our favourite Ecommerce Platform CS-Cart. We design our websites with elegancy to give your customers and viewers a better first impression of your business; Our Web Designs are also Responsive across devices such as Mobile Phones and tablets, making it easier for your visitors to find you on the go.
With our Try before You Buy and Pay As You Go payment plans, Web Designs have never been easier.
We simply design your website free of charge, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. This means there are no upfront payments on our web designs. Our PAYG Payment Plans are a popular option among our clients, this allows you to start up your website on a low Monthly Plan and Pay it off over a 12 month period so you can make money from your website while paying it off. It simply doesn’t get better than that!

Business Grade Web Hosting

We own our own hosting servers in Australia, Which means that we can control the website on our server and prevent them from running slow due to spammers and unmaintained websites which you would find with many other web hosting providers. All our hosting accounts have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data usage, so you will never need to worry about too many visitors to your website. We run a popular system called Cpanel on our servers. Cpanel makes editing your Web Files super easy. Cpanel also allows you to create new Email Addresses and add more domains to your existing hosting account so you can run multiple websites with just one account.

Graphic & Logo Designs

We can create anything from Logo’s to Website banners and signs. We can also create custom stock images based on what you’d like. We can provide original PSD files and any other related Raw Files you would need for future reference.


Our SEO Service helps to improve your Websites Rankings on Popular search engines like Google. SEO is critical when it comes to online exposure and it is a lot of ongoing work. Over the past 3 years we have helped many of our client achieve 1st page rankings for their website and we hope we can help you too. We analyse your website to determine which Keywords are best to use, and what areas your website is lacking in.

13/1300 Numbers

Are you looking for 13 or 1300 numbers for your business? Do you want to stop giving valuable clients your Home phone or mobile number and start impressing them? If so we’ve got you covered. We can set up brand new 13 or 1300 Numbers for you for very little costs.

No need for a call centre or customer service representatives, We can simply set up the number and divert it straight to your Mobile or Landline number. We can also make custom greeting messages, Record options for your customers to navigate through and much more!

Running a business in partnership with a friend or family? Does one manage sales while the other manages support? No worries! We can simply make multiple options to lead your callers to the right area by simply diverting Option #1 to one number and Option #2 to another number.

Customised SMS Services

Whether you’re too busy to ring multiple people to inform them of a change in business or simply following up on an unpaid invoice, having a Custom SMS Service is a great way to look professional and ask nicely for Unpaid Invoices to be paid.

Sometimes a customer doesn’t always want to be called; they may have business of their own to sort out so sending them an SMS is a great way of delivering the message and simply waiting for them to answer in their own time.

The Customised SMS Service we provide is basically like a Name rather than a number. So if you were to send someone an SMS it would display on their phone as FROM: “Your Business Name” whether or not they have it saved in their phone or not.

Google Adwords Support

Google AdWords is Google’s very own Advertising Manager. It’s very expensive depending on the industry you’re advertising in, yet VERY Powerful. But there are tips and tricks to making ads that sell your product or service without burning your wallet. These Tips or Tricks are easy! You just need to find them. That’s where we come in. We bring your website, your business and budget together and create the most effective plan to advertising with google. Finding the right Keywords with the right amount of search activity and spending much less.

Online Business Advisory

Our Online Business Advisory Service is quite simple and easy. We simply take your business and simply advise you how to make it better. Many of the clients we’ve had over the past few years came to us with nothing. Most of those clients are now making thousands of dollars a week in sales, simply because we told them they were targeting the wrong area and we guided them into the path that we thought would work better.
Combined with these amazing and useful services you also get passionate and inspired staff with a urge to help you the best we can. We want your experience with us to be remembered for the long journey you and your business have ahead of you. Nothing is more important to us than showing great results and building a friendly and professional relationship with you. If you’re looking for small business services with staff that care about you more than Business, look no further. Feel free to drop us a line on our contact form or give us a free call on 1300 792 961
We Hope to Hear from you soon

Why Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose P.T Networx Australia over other Businesses.

We try very hard to satisfy our clients in any way possible with the intention to create a long lasting professional business relationship with our clients and maintain it. We can honestly say that we think we’re the most passionate towards client satisfaction than any other company.

We are also more independent than many other companies. This allows us to offer Honest and reliable advice. Even if we lose business in order to do so.

We have an eye for elegance. Sometimes it’s better to get a professional opinion on your website.

This is one of the many benefits of our Try before You Buy Web Designs; it allows us to create something that looks brilliant and works even more brilliant in our eyes. 9/10 times our clients would choose our eye for detail over their own.

We’re always around to help. We’ve tried very hard to make getting in contact with us very easy and simple. You can email us 24/7 anytime of the year. You can also talk to us through the live chat at the bottom of each and every page on our website. You can also call us, and some of our clients even have direct mobile numbers to our staff who can assist you at any time of the day or night.

Something broken on your website at 3am? No worries!

Our PAYG Web Designs are one of the most popular services we offer. This service is best suited for those who have a great product or idea they want to sell online but don’t quite have the funds to get up and running. We eliminate that issue by designing your whole online store and allowing you to pay it off over a 12 month period. It’s an amazing service and super popular. Along without Try before You Buy Web Designs which is designed for those who want to see exactly what they are paying for. Don’t pay and pray for the best anymore. We’ll give you the best before you pay!

These are just some of many reasons why we think you should choose us over any other company.

We hope to get a call or email from you soon!

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